Ways to Protect Our Eyes

Published: 23rd December 2009
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Recently there are an increasing number of people complaining that their eyes are suffering from the fatigue. What's worse, their vision becomes to play jokes with them that vagueness and double vision begins to trouble them. But don't worry there are ways to get them out of our lives as long as you could do as the following and form a good living habit which basic is the sleeping early and getting up early theory.

Besides that working people, especially those have close relationship with computers should remember this small trick that to set your setting of your documents you are working on into green because that could ease your eyes so that tense is being reduced in the long run. If you like you can also add some lovely pictures or animal's photos on the margin to make the atmosphere more comfortable. Sometimes the encouraging mottos could also help. Since every person is lazy in nature so it is going to be a pain-staking process to manage focusing on the task for an hour. However, during the work we could at least take a five minutes break to relish by opening the window and having an overlook and better to have a sight of those green trees or natural scenery.

If only an overlook isn't enough then get back to your seat and do the following eye exercises. Sit still and straight and make sure you have nothing haunted in your mind then widely open your eyes looking directly downward and turn to left gradually next to the up straight and last to the right. Do this for nine times and backward the order for another nine times. And one more thing to claim that you should keep your head unmoved and your neck keeps still. If you don't know whether you manage it or not you may look at yourself in the mirror. This helps relax people's eye muscles so that the eyes will be more flexible and brighter.

Washing our eyes is also useful. First get the clean and warm water ready. Secondly take a deep breath and bury your head in the warm water with your eyes open. Thirdly move your eyes up and down left and right for nine times separately and in the beginning you may feel uncomfortable but slowly when your eyes fit the water you could enjoy the feeling the water brings to your eyes. By doing so the dust and harmful articles may be washed out and give your eyes a spa.

The last but not least to get the right treatment to your eyes is also important. Buying glasses has a kind of wisdom inside. As a mediocre person I prefer Visionsking.com. I got this website from the result of comparing with many other websites. And I find out the prescription glasses there are not like others that only select and gather prescription eyeglasses here and there then put them online. They have their own independent design and brand. So choose the right glasses shop is also an important way to protect our eyes.

After all we all want to live a better life then I think we should start from the window of our heart-our eyes!

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